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^dmmodorca-s is closely allied to the Gazelles, but differs from
them in having an elongated neck and also a long tail. *A.
clarkei, the only species, is limited to Soxiialiland.

Lithocrani-us, not unlike the last, has a still longer neck*
which makes it almost Giraffe-like ; its tail, however, is short.
The scientific name is derived from the " solid stony character of
the cranium." In running, this Gazelle carries the head forward
in a straight line with the body. It is African.

Dwrcotracfiis with one species, I), inegalotis* is a pigmy Gazelle
restricted to Somaliiaud. Its likeness, on account of size and in
some other superficial features, to the Klipspringer, led to its
original confusion with that genus (Oreotragas,.

A sub-family Hippotraginae, or Hippotragine section^, includes

162.—Sable Antelope.    Hipp&traffus lugw-     x ^

figured hAve not mewly reached their J

The horns oi
I dimensions.

a number of Antelopes which agree  in  the  possession  of four
mammae, and of molars more like those of the  true Oxen, of